Food waste has become a growing problem across the United States. Collectively we waste about one third of the food that is produced for human consumption. When this food is dumped into landfills and compacted with other trash it produces methane- one of the most dangerous greenhouse gases. The solution to this problem is to compost organic waste, though many city-dwellers view composting as something only country folk do. Compost Revolution is a web-based organization whose goal is to educate Philadelphians and other cities on the growing food waste problem, to offer suggestions to avoid wasting food, and to offer tips and tutorials on small and large scale composting using both indoor and outdoor compost methods.
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"Everyone will have a different approach to keeping a self-sufficient homestead, and it’s unlikely that any two 1-acre farms will follow the same plan or methods or agree completely on how to homestead. Some people like cows; other people are afraid of them. Some people like goats; other people cannot keep them out of the garden. Some people will not slaughter animals and have to sell their surplus stock off to people who will kill them; others will not sell surplus stock off at all because they know that the animals will be killed; and still others will slaughter their own animals to provide their family with healthy meat.

For myself, on a 1-acre farm of good, well-drained land, I would keep a cow and a goat, a few pigs and maybe a dozen hens. The goat would provide me with milk when the cow was dry. I might keep two or more goats, in fact. I would have the dairy cow (a Jersey) to provide the pigs and me with milk. More importantly, I would keep her to provide heaps and heaps of lovely cow manure to increase my soil fertility, for in order to derive any sort of living from that 1 acre without the application of a lot of artificial fertilizer, it would have to be heavily manured.”

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